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OVERVIEW This course will introduce the Data Decision Model (DDM) and explore how the DDM can be used to facilitate repeatable data processes to increase speed to value when building supply chain design models. It is beneficial for learners to be familiar with basic navigation of the Coupa Supply Chain cloud platform and basic Data Guru skills. Learners can familiarize themselves by taking the 'Introduction to Supply Chain Web Modeling' and 'Data Blending with Data Guru' courses respectively.   AUDIENCE A great class for anyone new to Coupa Supply Chain Modeling in the cloud environment. Read More

Overview This elearning course provides an overview of the process to configure the Coupa Platform for digital payments. Learners will gain an understanding of the types of spend that can be paid, the digital payment options, and the payment process for digital payments. Audience A great class for anyone that works with payments and/or payment batches for goods and services. Functions include, but are not limited to, Coupa Admins and Accounts Payable personnel. Read More

Overview This course is designed to provide Architects an introduction to Expenses. Upon completion of this course, learners will be introduced to key context and concepts which are central to Expenses Implementations. These concepts will be carried forward into the next Expenses Architect modules, with the ultimate goal of enabling learners to successfully perform an Expenses implementation. Audience This course is intended for expense management architects, including partners and customers, interested or responsible for implementation of Expense Management.  Learners should first complete Expense Management Certification (eLearning) to gain foundational knowledge of Expenses. Read More

OVERVIEW Why focus on basic expense processing, when you can see and process all T&E spend - before and after expenses are incurred. This eLearning course provides students with the foundational concepts and best practices necessary to understand possible configurations of the Coupa Travel & Expenses (T&E) module and how to use them, to adhere to the company’s processes and apply the corresponding policies and required controls. Students are presented with different types of content, including but not limited to interactive charts and workflows, simulations, and videos. This content takes you through configuration explanations and demonstrations of the impact of these to the user’s experience, to illustrate the concepts and possible use cases. Each module offers opportunities to review what you have learned. Once you complete these training modules, you will take the certification exam. This is a 30 question exam which requires a +80% score. Once certified, you will get the corresponding certification badge emailed to you via the Coupa University email address. AUDIENCE A great class for anyone who works with or wants to learn about the Coupa Travel & Expenses (T&E) solution. Roles include, but are not limited to admins, implementation project members, accounts payable and treasury. Read More

Welcome to the Coupa Community. We're excited to be a part of your business spend management journey. In this course, you'll learn about the Coupa teams and resources available to support you at every stage of your business spend management transformation.  Read More

NOTE: This collection of lessons is intended to walk you through simulations of Supply Chain Guru X. You'll get the most out of it if you use it as intended, rather than using it as a guide to follow as you build and modify the same model using your desktop installation of Supply Chain Guru. If you do choose the lessons in any way other than intended, just know that you're likely to get some different results from what show in the eLearning simulations. This course walks through an interactive step-by-step process for building a basic model in Supply Chain Guru version X. You will begin with populating the essential tables for building a model. Then you will add complexity to your model - just enough to make it a more realistic and fun experience. By adding sites, customers, costs, and demand we learn the inner workings of Supply Chain Guru models. Additionally you will learn how to augment your model for mapping and distance calculations as well as some shortcuts to make modeling easier, such as importing external data and grouping like entities. Finally, you'll explore one the greatest benefits of Supply Chain Guru: how to build and run different scenarios within a single model. These basic lessons will introduce you to the language and landscape of Supply Chain Guru and give you a foundation to build on for further learning so you can use Supply Chain Guru confidently with your own Supply Chain Design projects. Features/Functionality explored:  • Introduction to User Interface  • Understanding file structures in SCG – Projects, Models, Project Documents and Archives  • Exploring the basic tables for Single-Echelon and Multi-Echelon models  • Fixed and Variable cost fields in SCG  • Defining transactions using Customer Orders and Customer Demand tables  • Generating Demand from Orders  • Exploring explicit and relative methods for defining order date and due date  • Working with occurrences and order frequency  • Geocoding Sites and Customers  • Defining Groups and Filters and applying them in policies  • Setting up Data Sources  • Configuring Input Pipes  • Defining Scenario Items and Scenarios  • Utilizing Item Overview  • Optimization vs Simulation Read More

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