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Coupa Sourcing Optimization delivers flexibility, mathematical optimization, and ease-of-use, enabling organizations to evaluate not just price, but also all non-price elements in supplier offers. In this course, we’ll take a deeper dive into each of these features and the value it delivers to our customers.  Read More

This Coupa Contingent Workforce Essentials course is designed to give you a basic overview of contingent labor and how you can use a tool like Coupa Contingent Workforce (CCW) to increase visibility and tracking to make your organization more successful. Read More

OVERVIEW This eLearning course provides students with the foundational concepts necessary to understand and take advantage of the possible configurations that Coupa Contingent Workforce offers. At the end of the training, students take a 30-question exam that reinforces their learning from the eLearning. Students who pass the exam receive a Coupa Contingent Workforce Certification Program Administration certificate. AUDIENCE A great class for anyone who works with or wants to learn about Coupa Contingent Workforce. Roles include, but are not limited to MSP program administrators, project team, procurement team, IT department, system administrators, and system implementation managers. Read More

OVERVIEW This eLearning course focuses on the Contract Lifecycle Management Power App. This course walks through the workflows of CLM, the configuration and templatization of contracts, build approvals, collaboration roles, eSignature processes and operationalizing contract to manage spend. At the end of the training, students take a 45-question exam that reinforces their learnings. Students who pass the exam will receive a Coupa Contract Lifecycle Management Certification. AUDIENCE Contracting power users, procurement Partners, and customers who have completed the Platform class or have experience with the core functionality within Coupa. This is a general class designed to introduce the functionality and configurations of CLM. It is targeted to new users, but experienced users will also benefit from the overall content provided. Read More

In diesem Kurs werden einige der wichtigsten neuen Funktionen in Release 30 von Coupa vorgestellt. Jede hier aufgeführte Lektion enthält ein Video zu der neuen Funktion sowie einen Link zu den zugehörigen Versionsanmerkungen. Read More

Dieser Kurs gibt einen Überblick über einige der wichtigsten neuen Funktionen der Version 31 von Coupa. Jede aufgeführte Lektion enthält ein Video zu der neuen Funktion und einen Link zu den entsprechenden Versionsanmerkungen. Read More

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